Spam on the Move!

As your well aware by now, spam has become an unfortunate part of our lives.  However, we are going to start publishing the offending provider names of such SPAM.  This will take some time to compile as we ramp up our efforts to get these lists together.  Stay tuned for information as it comes available.


You can goto the current list here to view the spam messages.  Everything is included to do your own investigation as to who and where these messages come from.


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Facebook's Take it Or Leave It Policy

When you joined Facebook.  Did you expect to have privacy?  Or even the fact that you could login without significant problems?  Did you expect to at least have some type of support other than knowledgebase articles.  Like perhaps an email to support or maybe a phone number for your inquiries..  Well for millions of people, this is exactly the issues they face when they open this book everyday. 

For a social network site that has over 750 million users, and in the number one spot on rankings, these problems should not exist.  Looking at the number two spot, Twitter with 250 million users, has a contact us page and address openly available.  No such thing for Facebook, who boast they are a hundred billion dollar company.

While writing this article, I discovered allot about the pitfalls that Facebook has risen to, or should I say fallen into.  Lets take these fore-mentioned items in order from the top.

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Facebook Lockouts

Are Facebook users being locked out of their accounts?  Sure they are.  The reasons very from one to the next, but in the end, the account owners are finding it difficult, if not, impossible to regain access.  A friend came to me asking to help her regain access to her account after being locked out.  She reported that she was notified that after inputting her login information that her she did not provide the correct login credentials.  This was using her browsers stored login and save password she had on file.  She knew that it was working just a few hours earlier when she had logged in.  However, when going back to her Facebook page to check on a message she had received via email from a comment she had posted and wanted to read the rest of the comments that other users had left, she then discovered the problems that so many other users were also plagued with.

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Social phishing gone third party forms

Recently we have noticed the increase of third party auto-form websites popping up all over the internet.  Since then, the increase of phishing attacks have also gone up.  From the old "Check Here To Re-Validate Your Mailbox." to "We have noticed an abnormal pattern to the usage of your email account, and have temporarily suspended it, Click Here, to reactivate it."


These are just a few types of messages that we have received recently to our users that were automatically blocked by our spam filtering software.  We have discovered that a majority of these messages have been originating from BigPond, a subsidiary of Telstra Internet Services.  When we tried to look up a contact email for BigPond, all we got was an endless circle of help links.  So this is why we've decided to make this post public in hopes that they will contact us to get this resolved.


Below are some of the raw messages that we have received and are posting them here.  The links have been terminated by the third party sites involved but the emails still flow into our system directed at our users.

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Future of Spacequad AntiSpam?

Is it that AntiSpam conversations are not that interesting to anyone or is it that there is so much junk out there that everyone is just immune to it now a days?  We need some input here.  So if your interested in speaking your mind, please do so.  Please provide your ideas in the following forum topic, Special needs that Spacequad should have, and if it sounds like a great idea, we may include it.  All ideas will be considered.


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Get up to $1500 now!

Well it looks like Scott Richter is up to his latest scam.  As of this date, we have received quite a few emails similar to the one below.


If you need a loan ASAP, get $1000 in an hour here:

To No Longer Receive Our Ads:
17470 N. Pacesetter Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Read on for more

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Facebook Spammers Hitting The Press'


the Social Media that over five hundred million users are now hooked into, seems like a gold mine for advertisers.  Well guess what?  It sure is!  Ever since facebook opened its api's to allow new apps to be created, like games, has now exploded into a multi-billion dollar avenue for not only advertisers, but also spammers.  Its finally started.  The onslaught of emails directly to your inbox, bypassing most, if not all anti-spam filters you may have in place.  In the last several weeks, we here at Spacequad Internet Services have received more than fifty thousand facebook spam messages directed at our users and bypassing most of our filters.  Each one of these messages comes in the form of a beneficiary/next of kin solicitation type of message.  Of these spam mails, everyone of them is personalized with the facebook user's profile name.  It then gets sent directly from facebook's servers to your email inbox that you have attached to your facebook account.  See example below.  


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Yahoo EMail Spammers On The Rise Again

Spammers are getting desprate again in wanting legit emails.  This time they are targeting Yahoo email account holders.  below in the full article you will see the actual email letter that was sent out to the masses.  Keep in mind, no provider will EVER send out anything remoptely like the below.  If you see anything that begs the question, "VERIFY AND CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT" or any other account, avoid any type of return remittance to these criminals.  In fact, it is strongly advised to just delete these types of messages.  READ MORE

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Email adress has been successfully changed

Just so that everyone reading this is clear.  The following E-Mail is being delivered by criminals that are trying to convince you that your PayPal account has been compromised.  Well not yet at least, unless you fall for this E-Mail listed below and fill out the attached html form, and click on submit.  What ever you do...don't bother opening this attachment and fill it out, you could be sorry.  Read on to see the E-Mail.

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Electronic Federal Tax Payment System Notification

We thought we would bring this to everyone's attention.  Scammers are at it again and this time they are trying to get your money diverted to their bank account with your help.  They are using a fake US governments (EFTPS) Electronic Funds Tax Payment Services web page to convince you that you owe money.  It is in your best interests to ignore such emails claiming these statements.  See below a copy for your referral.  Whenever it comes to these types of emails or scams in general, do not fall into their trap by posting any type of transaction to them.  Whether it be in a check, credit card, EFT, or any other online credit source, including paypal, could be used by the con-artists to swindle you out of your hard earned money.

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