Proxy Referrer spam

For those that want to use a proxy server to hide their true identity, Spacequad really doesn't care. However, if you are using it to hide your trail to try and spam our network, think again, it wont work. Your IP will be banned for fraudulent activities. We will show you several prime examples why it wont work and why you should avoid using proxy servers.

Below is an example of an IP user that is netorious for trying to hide their tracks and known to spam blogs around the world.

10 ----- 05:31 <a href=""></a>;

Number of matching entries: 319
Number of matching referrers: 1

* <a href=""></a>;

Does anyone know who the culprit is here? We sure do. Its an habitual offender that uses Beyond the Network, here is their info

Beyond The Network America, Inc.
Address: 520 Herndon Parkway
Address: Suite E
City: Herndon
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 20170
Country: US
Phone: +1-703-621-1637
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