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Now that the spammers have been beaten back by the added amendments to the existing laws, the commercial spammers are almost as bad as the illegal spammers that run the botnets that are on the internet today.  What we've found out is that a great majority of the spam Spacequad is receiving in terms of email spam, is that ninty-nine percent of it is coming from commercial emailers.  How we determined this is, if you look at the domain from address and do a http web site scan, most likely you will find one of these possibilities that get displayed on the page:

Object not found.

Apache 2 Test Page

Blank Page

Server not found

This Site Is Under Construction and Coming Soon.

If any of these messages are displayed, then the domain name in the spam message gets listed automatically.  This expecially holds true to any site that list the message or simular to it below.  The reason for this is simple.  Most people do not sign up for third party mail/  So this means that the site the person did sign up on to get whatever newsletter it was, sold their email list to a spammer or unauthorized marketing emailer. functions as the delivery domain for for various e-marketing offers. We send these offers only to consumers who have opted to receive them. We respect your privacy, and it is not our practice to send emails to any customer who has not requested them. If you would rather not receive promotional materials from, please click on the unsubscribe link in the email you received.


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Thank you for taking the time to bring this issue to my attention. I have read though your blog post on the hack and have now addressed the issue.

Thanks again for the heads up

Mike Mather
It's My Law

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