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Monday, December 05 2016 @ 11:30 AM EST
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Sites that use referer URLs

For some time now we've been blocking users, I mean spammers from posting on this site because they cannot obey the net etiquette of the internet. What we mean to say is that if you the spammer are hell bent on wanting to post here, all we ask is that you login and make your post legit. We will no longer accept users, I mean spammers to use scripts to anonymously send their junk to this site. You script kiddies need to use legit browsers that obey the User Agents that were programmed into the major browsers out on the market. If you change the UA, then you will automatically be blocked and the referer website that you used to notate as a drug, porn, or what else that you may use to have in that UA field, will also be placed in our Known Spammer Domains list. So you script kiddies feel free to visit and spam away if that is your intentions here. We have not had a successful spam attack in several years, so you can stop wasting your time. To our regular readers and posters, this message was not intended for you.
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Phishing' lands man in legal trouble

A Romanian immigrant was indicted Tuesday in federal court in Minneapolis on charges that he operated a computerized "phishing" scheme for several years that raked in financial records and personal identification from thousands of individuals, including many from Minnesota.

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Coming Soon!

In the near future will be a new addition to the site where we will provide a database compiled for authorities and subscribers to see information on how these spammers and hackers are hiding their trails. In this database you will be able to look thru the information on names of domains, domain owners, IP numbers associated, IP locations, and much more to help track these criminals down. Donations are most welcomed to help get this off the ground faster. We will also accept other help in information that you can provide as well. Please login and send us a message to be notified. In the mean time, you can enjoy having a sneak peak at our ever growing list of Known Spammer Domains.
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FBI says millions of computers infected, controlled by hackers

FBI says millions of computers infected, controlled by hackers
Thursday, June 14, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) - More than one million computers - possibly yours, too - are used by hackers as remote-controlled robots to crash online systems, accept spam and steal users’ personal information, the FBI said Wednesday.

The government has no way to track down all the computers, both in the U.S. and elsewhere, that hackers have massed into centrally controlled collections known as botnets.

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Spam bucket

As long as SPAM keeps flowing to this site, we will continue to post any and all relevant junk mail we see fit to post. Most of the email that is transmitted on the internet these days is considered spam by most definitions. We will continue to expose all the little dirty tricks spammers try to pull on the public, so that the people can visit this site and get the information they need to help combat this scourge. As always, the public is invited to participate in ongoing discussions with us and the community. Lets all figure out away to get this spam issue under control.

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Spammers...look out need to look out. We're coming for you. Everytime you send your junk mail to us, it get special attention and then gets posted RIGHT HERE, on this site. That little stunt you pulled with crashing the FROG, wont happen here. The site might be slowed down...but it'll never crash on a cause of your little antics in hacker warfar. Maintenance will always be an ongoing solution here as most other site on the net.

A note to the general public.
If you feel the need to comment on the spam you receive in your inboxes, please do in our forums. Lets all voice our opinions.

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Knowledgebase Articles

ServicesWe have just updated the services to the KB Article Depository. So now you can browse the articles to find your solutions to your problems. Please let us know how it looks and feels for you and to give feed back for further developments.

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Image Spam

Dear Spammer's

I would like you to stop using images in your trashy emails to the public as we cannot determine what your message is unless we accept it into our mailboxes. So basically, until you stop using them and get right to the point on what you are trying to convey to us as the reader, please don't send anymore of your junk to us. Us, meaning the general public, are tired of your sick, delusional, perverted ideas that we as the general public think that your email is worth opening when all we want is to be left alone to enjoy reading emails from family members and an occasional business email from someplace that we had asked to get information sent to us. This doesn't mean that you have the right to scour the internet by ripping off emails from websites, news groups or trade email list amongst your butt buddies to peddle your junk to the masses.

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Themes for Geeklog

Are you looking for themes? Then you have come to the right place. We have several themes for you to choose from. You can browse our downloads area to get them or if you want to get a feel for them, then head on over to the Geeklog Demo Site to play around. If you have a theme that you want fixed or updated, feel free to login and upload it to us and we will have it working for you shortly (depending upon the complexities, of course).

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Script Kiddies

To all the script kiddies out there. You might as well stop trying your scripts on these types of sites. They are not working anymore. If you want to post your junk here, then fine, do it legally. All you have to do is create a legit account and login. Your scripts on the other hand will still not work. You have to post by hand like everyone else does.

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Thank you for taking the time to bring this issue to my attention. I have read though your blog post on the hack and have now addressed the issue.

Thanks again for the heads up

Mike Mather
It's My Law



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