New equiptment and tools

Recently we have updated our machines and have included more tools to combat illegal activities such as hacking and spamming. Although we are still in the midst of configuring all of this, please be patient as it will take some time to get things just set right. If you as a user, have any problems or comments, please feel free to leave your messages by clicking the contact button above or sending an email to and well will get back to you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind, if you are emailing outside of North America, your email will be automatically rejected or if your IP is on a known RBL list. I would suggest using hotmail.
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SPAM and Hackers reach an all time high

As of the time of this posting, we've had it increase the defenses on the mail server. For now until it is deemed at a later time, we've decided to block most ASIAN IP's and all cable IP's in North America. IT is our hope that the deludge of SPAM ceases from entering the network. So far, we've had a few days of vary little SPAM coming in and that will be tailored by cutting off acess to the individual ISP responsible. IF you are an ISP reading this and wish to be removed from the IP ban, please click on the Contact Us link above. We will try to keep a list of banned IP current so those affected can make the proper arangements if you want to be removed.

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For all the SPAMMER's out there!

Well its ben a long time since I've made a personal post to the community at large. From time to time I as the Administrator would like to say something to all the worthless spammers out there. "GET A LIFE! And stop wasting everyone's internet connection with your BS ads." Since we have installed the SPAM filters, we have not recieved any SPAM related content. You keep trying, but have not suceeded yet. We have developed some of the stongest anti-spam filters available that even the big internet companies would love to have in there arsenal. So you keep on sending SPAM and as soon as you connect and we find who you are, your connection gets dropped immediately. We have a snipit of a log that I would like to share with you on how bad...bad can get. Or maybe its just stupidity on the spammer's side.

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Time to get involved!

For those that just sit back and do nothing but just click click click on thir mouses to delete the SPAM, we would like you to get involved. here\'s what you can do. Start posting your dismays online and tell everyone about it. You can also post your thoughts on this site in either the Submit Story or in the forums area. The more poeple know and talk about this common problem, the more it will be delt with by our governments. Its time to stand up and be counted in this electronic world of ours. So why not submit your thoughts now and get it down where everyone can see and post comments or give help alternatives.

If you decide to give feedback and post, you will need to either login or if you don\'t have a user name yet, then create one with a valid email account and you can start posting as soon as you approved and get a confirmation email from the system here. All approvals are done by hand and can take up to 24 hours but hardly ever do, then you are sent an email with your login info on it.
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SPAM keeps flowing

Its hard to beleave that there this much SPAM trying to get into this domain. I have yet to get anything to speak of in the way of SPAM getting by our filters. however, I would like to know why it is so important for these SPAMMER\'S to try and do a random user name and throw it at my mail server is beyond me, and their still doing it. I had one server try and connect here seven times in a row trying to deliver junk that a user name didn\'t even exist. It certainly is nice to \"Hang Up\" on them when you find out its the wrong number or a solicitor, and there just as bad. Anyways, the reason I\'m writting this is because I wanted everyone to see what I have for a days worth of SPAM mail connections. Read on.....

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Registered user Logon\'s

To all users 

    We have recently gone thru our database to discover that allot of users that have registered, have not even bothered to login after registering, on the system here. We have taken steps to purge the database of these users. Please keep in mind that we do not delete active accounts. If you have not logged in within the last 3 months, your account will be deleted for non use. This does NOT apply to those that have e-mail accounts with us. If you have a concern or comment, please direct them to Contact Us. 

Thank You 

Spacequad Internet Services

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Canadian spam king relinquishes throne

Agrees to stop junk e-mails, warn kids about Net dangers

TORONTO - A Canadian man accused of being one of the world\'s biggest spammers has agreed to stop sending the junk messages and plans to educate children about the dangers of the Internet, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

In March, Yahoo! Inc. sued Eric Head, his father and brother as part of a worldwide industry crackdown on hundreds of people sending unsolicited e-mail, or spam.

Yahoo alleged the three men ran a huge spamming operation and sent more than 94 million e-mails in one month alone to users of Yahoo\'s e-mail service.

The three have settled the lawsuit and agreed to pay Yahoo at least $100,000, Toronto\'s Globe and Mail reported in Tuesday\'s editions. The exact amount is confidential, but a lawyer for the family told the newspaper it was \"six figures.\"

Although the lawsuit named all three men, the allegations centered on Eric Head, 25, who ran a bulk e-mail business from the family\'s home in Kitchener, Ontario.

Head has shut down his operation, called Gold Disk Canada, and become a drummer in a rock band.

\"Eric is out of business,\" said Huey Cotton, a Los Angeles lawyer who represented the men. \"He\'s going to play in a band and find a way to use his knowledge to help protect kids on the Internet.\"

In a statement, Head expressed regret.

\"I urge everyone who is involved in the commercial bulk e-mail business to cease all operations unless and until they are completely compliant with the requirements of the new United States anti-spam laws.\"

The settlement was reached several weeks ago and approved by a judge on Thursday.

Cotton said the agreement is not an admission of wrongdoing and the three men neither admit nor deny Yahoo\'s allegations. A lawyer for Yahoo confirmed the settlement but declined further comment.

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To SPAM or not to SPAM!

C\'Mon people. Don\'t you understand, we do not accept SPAM here at this network. So please, get a life and stop wasting your time. Its no skin off of our backs to not worry about what your trying to send. If you have everything in place like a proper DNS file for your domain and your reverse IP is listed correctly with your domain name on it, then you will most likely not have a problem getting thru to our users. The other thing I would like to point out is if you try to curcumvent the email in any way shape or form that a typical email reader (IE: Outlook), you will more than likely have trouble getting thru to our network and/or users.
Our staff usually goes thru our logs to see whats been happening on a daily basis. We\'ve been noticing alot of attempts by various networks/SPAMMERS to try their best to infiltrate our system. To read an example of what we are talking about, please read More...

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Intresting info from the firewall

As I was looking over the logs for the SMTP, I had noticed that there were alot attemps to gain access to our mail server. The first thing I had noticed was an increase in port attacks from Raleigh, NC

After monitoring the traffic for awhile, I decided it was time to block them manually before they could start a DOS attack on our network. It turns out they were a known spammer trying to send SPAM thru out our network. And they were not happy that they got pinched in the beginning of there mail run. To bad, to sad. They never had a fighting chance. Anyways, during this whole time, they decided to bring in some offshore mail servers to send there UCEs. There again, they were blocked before they even got started. As far as this Administrator is concerned, stop wasting your time and the bandwith you suck up. Your trash-mail is not worth letting thru.

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President Bush Signs Anti-Spam Law


On December 16, 2003, President Bush signed into law the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 (CAN-SPAM Act), which establishes a framework of administrative, civil, and criminal tools to help America's consumers, businesses, and families combat unsolicited commercial e-mail, known as spam.

FTC Chair Tim Muris Hosts Ask the White House. Read the transcript. The new law is a pro-consumer measure that allows consumers to choose to stop further unsolicited spam from a sender. It also provides a protection against spam containing unmarked sexually-oriented or pornographic material.

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