Canadian Spam Control Bill

3rd Session, 37th Parliament,
Volume 141, Issue 22
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
The Honourable Dan Hays, Speaker

Spam Control Bill Clipped from Canadian Parament
Second Reading
On the Order:

Resuming debate on the motion of the Honourable Senator Oliver, seconded by the Honourable Senator Gustafson, for the second reading of Bill S-2, to prevent unsolicited messages on the Internet.—(Honourable Senator Stratton).
The Hon. the Speaker: Honourable senators, before I recognize Senator Oliver, I would inform honourable senators that if Senator Oliver speaks now, his speech will have the effect of closing debate on this bill.

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Several places to get more information on SPAM

We've discovered several places that you can get more information to read and get tools to help you in the SPAM war. A good starting place is located at Spamfighting and they provide alot of good programs to eliminate spam or atleast slow it to a crawl. Another good place to get valuable information is at Spamhaus. We have included a listing of the worst 200 known spammers that Spamhaus has put together, located here. Your feedback and stories will help others.
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Are the major 4 ISP's getting rich?

Do major Internet service providers (ISPs) favor publicity-rich lawsuits in cooperation with state attorneys general over the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) quieter, behind-the-scenes legal actions?

The FTC is willing to work with ISPs to fight spam, a source within the agency confirmed to ClickZ News. Yet the agency has concerns the major ISPs are more interested in the publicity that's part and parcel of lawsuits pursued with state attorneys general. The FTC is charged with enforcing and helping to further define federal anti-spam legislation.

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BCWare NoSPAM Open Source Server Program

BCware NoSPAM - BCware NoSPAM is an SMTP proxy service designed for use with DNS based anti-spam services (real-time black hole list, relay spam list, dialup user list, etc) services such as RBL/DUL/RSS provided by MAPS ( and other organizations. Looking to find a solution to help you stop this from entering your email server? Then click on BCware NoSPAM for a free windows open source program to help.
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Spam's 'dirty dozen' exposed

Top three include the U.S., Canada and ChinaBy Zen Lee The United States, Canada, China, South Korea and the Netherlands are the top five birthplaces of spam worldwide, according to a new analysis by security software maker Sophos. In an analysis of junk e-mails received over two days in mid-February, the company created a list of the "dirty dozen" spam-producing countries.

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Spam keeps cookin' - despite laws

A U.S. Justice Department prosecutor warned that a new spam law's criminal sanctions likely will not stem the flow of bulk solicitations that are flooding into e-mail in-boxes.

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New area for SPAM discussions

We have now added a new area to this site to allow the general internet community to get involved in various discussions about SPAM and what we as a community can do to stop the onslought of this net disease. We have two areas that can be used to post your messages and to get feedback. The first is in the SPAM Stories section under Topics on the left side in the menu area and the second is in the forum section.

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Spacequad E-Mail

For those of you that are looking to get away from SPAM and wish to have a clean mailbox, without the hassles of constantly deleting junk mail from the spammers, look no further. We offer E-Mail accounts that do NOT allow UCE's (SPAM) into your mailbox. You wonder how can we do this? Simple, we check known databases against the incoming email (who its from) against the reverse IP address. Also, with our own in-house domain spam list, we can almost immediately stop the flow of any spammer that did manage to slip by our normal detection scheme. Are you wanting to get an account here at Spacequad Internet Services? Then read more...

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New Anti-SPAMMING tools at Spacequad

We have now installed new anti-spamming tools here at Spacequad and would like to announce that they are working flawlessly. The techniques that we employ are using the MAPS RBL, Spamhaus, ORDB: The Open Relay Database, and DNS to verify the senders origins against their domain name, along with an internal black list of known spammers that actually have proper DNSing. If you are having trouble sending mail to any of our users and wish to discuss the matter, please contact us thru the contact us link above.
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