Below is a list of the offenders that have Spammed Spacequad AntiSpam Services.  The more information that is provided to the public, the better off we all are at defending ourselves.  These are E-Mails that were not opted in to with the senders.  So we will advertise the BAD actors with the hopes that everyone will not give their time or money to these SPAMMERS.  Many of these emails with links to the offender's servers, have already been shut down by us.

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Policy Payment as of September 18, 2014 Stop wrestling stripped screws! Ready for a complete transformation?
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Need Approval for Fast Funds? Need Extra Cash? Here's how This hose will contract when the water stops! Can you just imagine the absolute joy of finally saying Adios to your diabetes?
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Stop eating salads immediately - (CDC advisory) 1 weird food that KILLS blood pressure You must try a bottle of this product!


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