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Top Ten Viewed Stories

Story Title Views
AOL User Accounts Under Attack! 28,027
WordPress wp-content exploit 10,049
Adult / Child porn taken down 9,406
Social phishing gone third party forms 9,123
SPAM keeps flowing 8,938
Canadian Spammer Fined Over $1 Billion 8,787
Spammers sure love using PHPBB 8,274
Yahoo EMail Spammers On The Rise Again 8,010
Get up to $1500 now! 7,683
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System Notification 7,390

Top Ten Commented Stories

Story Title Comments
Open letter to ICANN and all the Registrars 4
Spammers that use the free forums to spam us all 3
Hotmail outage again 2
Morons amoung us (Moron Spammer) 2
Ring Tone Spam 2
WordPress wp-content exploit 2 Suspended For High Spam Traffic 2
Facebook's Take it Or Leave It Policy 2
For all the SPAMMER's out there! 1
Posting articles and comments 1

Top Ten Trackback Commented Stories

Story Title Comments
Russian Pharma Spam 1

Top Ten eMailed Stories

Story Title eMails
Intresting info from the firewall 1
Registered user Logon\'s 1
RCMP issues arrest warrants for quartet in multimillion telemarketing fraud 1
Daylight Savings time Changes 1
Spam's 'poster boy' indicted 1

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Top Ten Pages

Page Title Hits
Registar Information 68,144
Support and Services 33,783
Known Spammer Domains 31,959
Registrars Whois IDs G-Z 21,769
Welcome to Spacequad Anti-Spam Services 19,183
Current and updated spammer ISP list 16,759
100 Known Spam Operators 16,460
Hacking 16,395
Known Hacked Websites 14,150
Contacting Us 13,934

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It appears that there are no events on this site or no one has ever clicked on one.

Top Ten Downloaded Files

File Name Hits
adeliae_en 472
PyCron for Windows 414
Smooth_Blue 150 348
apv_aeon-141-V2 336
Yahoo-141-V1 308
PHP AdServer 288
Axonz-Red-141-V1 287
Aqua-141-V2 281
Contemporary-141 280
Burning Memory 277

Top Ten Links

Links Hits
Spamhuntress 1,291
Planet Surveyor 1,216
The Incredible Spam Museum 1,212
The spamhaus Project 1,120
Spamdemic 1,036
Portalparts 1,023
McAfee SiteAdvisor 999
SpamCop 973
Fight Spam on the Internet 928
Lee\'s Fishing Page 844

Top Ten Polls

Poll Topic Votes
What would you do if you knew where a spammer lived? 49
How do you think domain registrations should handled better? 24
Scammers gone wild 16
Do you think that products or services advertised on the internet, should only be done by those companies that are owned by the products or services? Leave comment. 14

Forum Top 10 Viewed Topics

Topic Subject Views
Forum Rules 63846
Special needs that Spacequad should have 28182
New fraud account 20203
Western Union Office 18684
Lottery Payment Information EA2948-910 12205
From_Mr._John_Alison? 11464
G-code Qualification Number (GF-222-6... 10253
Did you authorize Mr. Louis Henrik??? 10076
Re: Inaccurate whois for: 9994

Forum Top 10 Replied Topics

Topic Subject Replies
New fraud account 12
Spam complaint for domain: DUDIR.COM 10
Clean Theme 7
G-code Qualification Number (GF-222-6... 6
Thank you, we are accepting your comp... 4
Webspam abuse 4
Critical Update for Microsoft Outlook 4
My Profile 4
Question about Item -- Respond Now 3
I played with this for hours 3 3

Top Ten FAQs

Question Hits
Can registrars suspend domains for spam and abuse? 11,321
How do I create a new message or read messages 5,113
What Can I Do With the Spam in my In-Box? 2,832
Do I Need A Spam Killer? 1,838
What to do when Bad Behavior blocks you 1,789
How Can I Reduce the Amount of Spam that I Receive? 1,652
How come my EMail will not get thru to Spacequad's Users 1,618
How Can I Avoid Spam Scams? 1,589
You've Got Spam: How to Can Unwanted Email 1,587
Registration EMail Not Received 1,562
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