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I wanted to publicly thank you for the recent work on our web site. Kudos on a job well done!
Normally the process of moving a web site to a new server is trouble enough, but you accomplished that, while migrating our database from Geeklog to glFusion - and you made it look easy! Moreover, the move was transparent to our users.
Fair pricing, great service, and most importantly, on time delivery! Thank you.

Louis D.
Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club

A Testimonial to Spacequad Internet Services

For Outstanding Professional Webservices My name is Joe Sellinger and I run a small independent media company Digital Times Media L.L.C. in St. Louis, MO. I have used Geeklog for many years and had never had much problem finding paid support until recently. To make a long story short I found Michael, host of the geeklog demo site at I contacted Michael and asked him about doing some work, he gave me what I considered to be a very good quote.

So I decided to proceed. I asked him to to be rebuilt my theme and update my geeklog version, migrated the content from the outdated version, install plugins as well as multiple skins. Since then we have deployed other sites, fixed conflicts with the GL menu and flash coding as well as countless tweaks. I consider Michael to be my ace in the hole. Someone I can count on and trust. If Michael can't do the job he will tell you he can't do it.

Michael is a professional. Michael diligently works on a project until it is complete and you are satisfied. Michael goes to considerable length to ensure it is done right. Michael has helped me to achieve my goals. As long as I use geeklog Michael will be my support team.

Joe Sellinger

Joe Sellinger
Digital Times Media L.L.C.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this issue to my attention. I have read though your blog post on the hack and have now addressed the issue.

Thanks again for the heads up

Mike Mather
It's My Law

Thank you and your team. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks again and great job!

Tamir Jerby

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Thank you and your team. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks again and great job!

Tamir Jerby

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